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Натуральное горячее копчение КоптимСУ. Изготовление Домашних колбас под заказ, копченая ветчина, вареная ветчина, домашний сервелат, копченый окорок по тамбовский
Только домашняя колбасы разных вкусов и видов, начиная от вареной ветчины заканчивая краковской копченой колбасой
Натуральное Копчение под заказ из мяса разных пород животных, Горячее копчение под заказ из вашего или нашего сырья оптом на ольхе, буке и яблоне
Натуральное Копчение под заказ окорок по тамбовски КоптимСУ

International Conference

"Ensuring Food Security in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic"

29-31 March 2021


Until the Beginning of the Conference

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1. Providing the population with high-quality and safe food products.

2. Production of agricultural products, raw materials and food that meet environmental, sanitary-epidemiological, veterinary and other standards.

3. Development of livestock breeding, plant breeding, seed production and aquaculture.

4. Development of production of compound feeds, feed additives for animals, medicines for veterinary use, mineral additives.

5. Increasing the fertility of agricultural land, protecting agricultural land from erosion and desertification.

6. Improvement of technical regulation, sanitary-epidemiological, veterinary and phytosanitary supervision, control in the field of food safety for human health.

7. Creation of a high-performance sector in agriculture, developing on the basis of modern technologies.

8. Training of specialists for agriculture, fisheries, as well as the food and processing industry.



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